People make up the Skene. These are our assets. Your Board of Trustees is hard-working and conscientious. The Skene librarian, Linda Rodgers, is available for advice and her own in-house knowledge of books, Internet research and how to find just what you’re looking for.

We have an active, supportive group of volunteers who give of their time and knowledge to make the Skene better able to serve you.

Roy Todd President Board of Trustees
John Duda Secretary/Treasurer Board of Trustees
Glenna Herz Board of Trustees
Douglas Green Board of Trustees
Yvon Luxama Board of Trustees
Linda Rodgers Library Director Staff
Nancy Amy Bar Coder Volunteer
Michal Keeley Bar Coder Volunteer
Kathleen Green Volunteer Volunteer
Seth J. Hersh Webmaster Volunteer
Fred Herzog Computers Volunteer
Anne Saxon-Hersh PDQ Editor Volunteer